Teach At Amani

Our Mission

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The mission of the Amani Public Charter School is to provide Mount Vernon, New York students in the 5th through 8th grades with the academic skills necessary to succeed in competitive high school programs, college and the career of their choice.

Are You On A Mission?


Each day we push the limits for Amani scholars in our quest to achieve excellence.  All Amani Scholars live by our "ACHIEVE" core values. These values guide classroom behavior and the culture of the school.



Hard work






At Amani, our guiding principle is that ALL Mount Vernon children can perform at high academic levels.  If you are looking for an environment where you are a part of a community of hard working, smart and driven individuals, all working together as a team to fulfill our mission, then we hope you will consider the Amani Public Charter School.

Teaching at Amani

Amani is designed to narrow the achievement gap, leveraging an academically rigorous curriculum, and built upon the best practices of high performing "no excuses" charter schools.  To achieve this we promise to deliver great teaching, an exemplary academic program and a strong school culture to our scholars and their families.  Amani students spend more days and hours in school than their counterparts in the local school district.


We help students by:

  • Creating a safe and structured learning environment
  • Setting clear expectations for all members of the community
  • Extending the school day and year
  • Offering opportunities for small group instruction
  • Holding students accountable for behavior as well as for academic success

Before You Apply for a Position at Amani

What is our hiring process?  The timeline varies by person and position, but here is a general overview:

Are you ready to be a part of our team?

Amani is looking for subject specific teachers who possess the following qualities:

  • A genuine love for children and high expectations for their success
  • Excellent content knowledge
  • Ability to reflect on one's own practice
  • Willingness to embrace constructive feedback
  • Appropriate certification
  • Agility to grow along with the school itself
  • Commitment to working in collaboration with staff
  • Positive outlook on demanding work

What Are Our Expectations?

Our teachers are results-driven educators with experience in standards-based curriculum and the use of data and assessments to drive instructional decisions.  You will demonstrate quantifiable and objective student performance gains that surpass local averages.  You must be a proven manager of an urban classroom using discipline, structure, appropriate incentives and high expectations to achieve measurable academic success.


All teachers work closely with members of a grade based team.  To foster professional growth, teachers are provided with continuous professional development and coaching.






We accept applications on a rolling basis, and we encourage you to submit your application as early as possible.  Our recruitment team reviews all completed applications, and we will respond within seven business days if a match is determined.


Selected applicants will participate in a phone interview with a member of our recruitment team.  We will focus on your previous experience and the content of your application.


We will be looking for your ability to lead a 45 minute class with a prepared aim and agenda, brief mini-lesson, guided practice, independent practice and "exit ticket" or assessment.  We will focus on your classroom management instincts, your overall teacher personality and lesson delivery.  After the lesson you will reflect with members of the recruitment team.


On your application, you will be asked to submit the names of three references.  A member of our recruitment team will contact these individuals.